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Bohol To Cebu Ferrys

Cebu To Bohol Ferrys


LTO Transportation Rates in Bohol

When arriving at the Seaport or airport you may be approached by “Fixers” “Or Dispatchers” that will try and jack the price up on fares to places around Bohol. Here are the TRUE BOHOL...

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bohol internet speed guide

Internet Speed in Bohol Philippines

if you have a Wireless 4g or 4g+LTE capable open line device like the ZTE 4G Mobile Internet Pocket Hotspot (this one works the best here) see speeds of 2Mbps to 32Mbps here.

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Linaw Beach Resort Beach BBQ

Finding your next Dream Destination: IN BOHOL

Finding your next Dream Destination is a difficult decision for all of us! ITS BETTER IN BOHOL Searching for that “Perfect Place To Vacation”…let us make a suggestion…SPEND YOUR NEXT DREAM VACATION IN BOHOL!...

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bohol-philippines info

Resort Information Bohol

A new Bohol Resort Information web site just launched. all about Panglao Island, Alona Beach Bars, Alona Beach Hotels, Alona Beach resorts, Alona Beach Scuba Diving, Bohol Beach Resorts, Bohol Hotels, Bohol INN, Bohol Photography, Bohol Resorts, Bohol Scuba Diving, Bohol Scuba Diving Resorts, Bohol Services, Bohol Tours, Bohol Videos, Daus Beach Resorts, Motorcycle Rentals, Panglao Beach Resorts, Panglao Hotels, Panglao Island Resorts, Restaurants, Tagbilaran Bohol and all about Tagbilaran City Hotels

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A Guide to Loboc Bohol Philippines

Your Tourist Guide to Loboc Bohol Philippines – Loboc Bohol is the Capital of Arts, Music and Pre-Hispanic Culture. This is Your Guide to Loboc Bohol Philippines to floating restaurants, tarsiers and more.

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chocolate hills bohol philippines

Bohol the NEW Boracay

The friendliness of Boholanos are second to none when it comes to hospitality. I have had the pleasure of visiting Boracay island (a little difficult to get to as Boracay doesn’t have an airport yet) and the Island of Bohol.

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